Rosy Cheek (PN&Portuguese Love Dosage) Punk's Finest Wines
0,75 Liter

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Winzersekt & Frizzante, Österreich


(PN Sekt &Portuguese Love Dosage) I'm Rosy C, and you can't touch me. I'm an in-your-face bubbly blush, who takes no prisoners and ain't gonna let no soap dodgers ride me for free. But baby, treat me with respect I deserve and I will pay you back a thousand times over at any party. Yes I'm a bit different, but you like that, don't you? A hint of the rebel, the avant garde, and a slap of Portuguese lovin on any cheek you fancy. So you got the minerals to play, or just gonna run away from little old Rosy Cheek?

Weitere Informationen zum Produkt
Farbe rose
Land Wakis Spezialitäten
Region Prickelndes aus Österreich
Flaschengröße 0.75 Liter
Preis/Liter 22 €